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Are you ready for a Challenge? Sign up now to claim your spot in the Peking Challenge. You are not obliged to anything yet! Entry is quite simple: your team consists of a main driver and co-driver(s). The main driver is responsible for your registration and will be kept informed by the Peking Challenge organisation. Motorcyclists can only register when joined by at least one team driving a car.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ (in the menu). A limited number of teams will be permitted to sign up, so act quickly if you’re serious about this. Questions? Send us an e-mail or phone us at 0031-(0)30-2714227.

Do you want to participate with two or more teams? Add a code to your registration with the field 'extra information' so that you are recognizable as a group. Start by entering the details of the main driver, make sure to complete all steps up until the provisional registration. Now you can download the General Conditions. Only after receiving a down payment as well as signed General Conditions from all registered team members, the team will be placed. That means that a starting position is allocated. Good luck!

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