The first Challenge arrived in the Far East at the end of September 2007. With many a tale to tell, these Challengers will look back at the extremes of the first Peking Challenge. It’s time for a new Challenge to Peking and registration for the 2008 Olympic Edition is now officially started!

We will do just about anything to arrive in Peking only a few days before the start of The Olympic Games. A mixture of international teams will depart on Saturday, July 12 from the cities of Amsterdam, Brussels and London. Speed is unimportant; the question is whether teams will make it to the finish at all.

What to expect? Teams will go back to the basics in Russia and try out the Vodka Trails in Siberia, if the roads are accessible. Beautiful views wait in Mongolia and a spectacular finish in Beijing, China.

Are you ready for a Challenge? Sign up now to claim your spot in the Peking Challenge. You are not obliged to anything yet! Entry is quite simple: your team consists of a main driver and co-driver(s).  The main driver is responsible for your registration and will be kept informed by the Peking Challenge organisation. Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ form that can be downloaded by clicking on the download button.

A limited number of teams will be permitted to sign up, so act quickly if you’re serious about this. Questions? Send us an e-mail or phone us at 0031-(0)30-2714227.

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Peking Challenge